Sailent Features


  1.  We have team of faculties which include IIT graduate, Post Graduates, Ph.D. holders, Medical Post Graduates with excellent experience along with depth of Subject and ability to yield.
  2. Rich Library available for the Students Use.
  3. Regular contact with parents about the performance of Students.
  4. Daily practice Problems on each and every Topic are given to the students.
  5. Board based Tests.
  6. Competition based Tests.

Faculty Team: In Mentor Classes we have a group of highly experienced, dedicated and famous faculty from Branded Institute of Delhi, Kota & Hyderabad who are famous for their quality and innovative teaching with latest tricks & techniques.

Study Material: Each lesson is broken into a certain number of sections. A student is required to study each section and then answer the proficiency test at the end of that section. Each lesson ends with excercises. It is our assertion that students do not need any other book or source for learning theory or problem solving.

Daily Practice Problem (DPP): To review the topics studied in the class we provide DPPs to be practiced at home and later the same is discussed in next class.

Student Doubt Clearing Desk: Students often encounter doubts regarding theory or problems of the Study Material. To get these doubts cleared, we have setup student doubt clearing desk.

Fortnightly Progressive Evaluation Test (FPETs): At tthe end of every 15 days, students are tested for their proficiency in the topics covered till day by a FPET.

Phase Tests: At the end of each phase, students are tested their proficiency in the topics covered by a Phase Test. A Phase Test consists of 1 day of testing on the current JEE/AIPMT/AIIMS pattern. These are two sets of 3 hours duration each in Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics for Jee pattern/ these are one test of 3 hours duration each in Physics, Chemistry, Botany & Zoology for AIPMT/AIIMS pattern.

Board pattern test: As the students will be pursuing their school Exams, We will be conducting school pattern test on regular basis to improve their performance in their school.

Reshuffling Test: After two-three months of teaching a test is taken based on syllabus covered till date, reshuffling is done on the basis of this test and fortnightly test.

Motivational Classes: Success in JEE/AIPMT/AIIMS is not merely dependent on knowledge and skills acquired in Physics, Chemistry & Mathematics/ Physics, Chemistry, Botany & Zoology. To boost student's morale, to show them that success is achieved only by learning from repeated failures and that feeling low is normal, we conduct various motivational classes.